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Curcumin Root Extract

  • Longze Biotechnology

  • Curcumin Root Extract

  • Curcuma longa L.

  • Root

  • 95% Curcumin,Raw powder

  • Turmeric

  • 1kg/bag; 25kg/Drum, double plastic bags inside


Curcumin Root Extract Supplier And Manufacturer

Ginseng Extract

Curcumin Root Extract Basics

English name:

Curcumin Root Extract

Latin Name:

Curcuma longa L.

Plant Source:

Product Description:


This product is only a raw material for making medicine, not a medicine, please do not use it directly as a medicine.

Active ingredients:



Orange Yellow  Powder

Application range:

Beverage, food, cosmetic, health care or pharmaceutical industries.


0.5-5kg/bag in aluminium foil bags, 25kg in cardboard drums, lined with double sterile bags or according to customer's requirements.


100% pass 80 mesh

Shelf life:

2 years

Curcumin Root Extract Applicationpanax ginseng extract

Application of fruit and vegetable powder

Fruit and vegetable powder

Ginseng Extract powder

panax ginseng extract powder

Professional Manufacturer Of Anthocyanidins

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